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Sending New Year Blessings to Bring Development Confidence - Shen Lemin County Chief led the county's relevant functional units

Company News
2016/02/20 10:35
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  On February 16, Xinxiang County Government Magistrate Shen Lemin, Deputy County Magistrate Xu Wumin and Zhang Yangang led the county's Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Water Resources Bureau, the Land Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau and other relevant functional units, and the town party secretary Wang Xiuzhi and the mayor. Accompanied by Tian Kejing, I came to our company to investigate the production of the company after the Spring Festival.

Shenxian and his entourage came to our company's No. 2 Thermal Power Plant. They listened in detail to General Song's report on equipment maintenance and maintenance after the Spring Festival and the production after the holiday, and fully understood the company's production and operation, employee return and employment.
In the steam turbine workshop of the Second Thermal Power Plant, looking at the hard-working employees in various positions, Shen County County fully affirmed the start-up situation of the company.
Shen County Director pointed out that enterprises must earnestly start work after the holiday and resume production as soon as possible. Solve the problem of employees' wages and salvage, attract and retain more core talents; do a good job in product R&D and marketing, improve production technology, promote reform and innovation, and improve enterprise market competitiveness. At the same time, all departments should strengthen service awareness, implement various support policies, help enterprises solve problems and difficulties encountered in production and operation, and create a good development environment for enterprises.
Song Jingzhi, chairman and general manager of the company, Song Jingliang, executive deputy general manager, Zhao Rongxi, deputy general manager, Hu Fengliang, and chief engineer Wang Shaoguang accompanied the visiting leaders.