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Inheriting civilized etiquette, improving the quality of cadres, organizing business etiquette training

Company News
2016/10/21 10:33
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This newspaper: In order to adapt to the rapid development of the corporate society, further improve the quality and overall image of the company's management cadres, and build the vision strength of the Xinya Group. From March 30th to April 14th, the group company used the evening time to conduct business etiquette training for the company's 558 newly-established management cadres.

In order to implement the overall development strategy of the group company, after the Spring Festival, the company specially issued documents to adjust the organizational structure of the company's middle management and re-identify the management personnel. After more than a month of meticulous work, the company has reviewed and approved 558 managers of the three-level management (technician). The behavior of these people represents the overall image of the Xinya Group. In order to enhance their civilization in business communication, under the advocacy of General Song, the company organized a business etiquette training for managers by the administrative center and the law and discipline center.

This business etiquette training is divided into two groups, from 8:00 to 10:00 every night for a total of 5 class hours. The content of the study is a video of business etiquette training by Professor Jin Zhengkun, the head of the Department of Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Affairs of Renmin University of China. The management cadres who participated in the training will be able to attend the meeting on time and carefully study and understand the training content. For managers in the future business contacts and management work, civilized and polite, and treat others, will play a better role in promotion and regulation.