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Value and manage the overload operation of equipment

Company News
2015/09/29 10:37
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Xinya Paper Group is closely focused on “deepening potential, improving quality and efficiency”, and making fine and superior products. Corrugated paper shows quality and price advantages in the fierce market competition.
Since the beginning of this year, through continuous improvement of management and transformation of equipment, the papermaking machine of the papermaking plant has a design speed of 250 m/min, and the actual running speed is 260 m/min. The papermaking four factory has transformed the rotary paper machine to produce 60-70 g of ordinary corrugated paper. . By adjusting the ratio of raw materials and improving the production process, the ring pressure strength is up to 7.5Nm/g, which meets the national superior product standard; the Puwa paper break length is more than 3500 meters, and the product quality meets the use of 5-layer line and 7-layer line carton. standard. The production and sales rate for the fifth consecutive month exceeded 100%.
The quality cost is controlled by itself, and the sales situation is determined by the market. Xinya Paper Group will continue to adapt to the changing market environment in the future in the form of refined, high-end and differentiated development.