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Xinya Paper organizes a dinner party at the end of the year

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2017/01/21 10:25
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After the reunification, Vientiane is updated. In the winter, the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing. The banquet hall of Xinya Paper Group Hotel is very lively. 300 employees gather together to share the same things and have fun.

The past year has been an extraordinary year for the entire paper industry. In this year, environmental pressures have continued to increase, and competition in the paper products industry has become increasingly hot. Major manufacturers across the country have adopted measures to reduce production, and industry operating rates continue. Sliding down. Faced with this objective reality, Xinya Paper Group actively adjusts the process on the one hand, carries out technical transformation on the existing production line, and launches ultra-low emission devices to promote the discharge of boiler pollutants to meet the national ultra-low emission standards; Improve the overall management level, benefit from management, practice basic skills, do a good job in all basic management work, promote the management level of each unit of the group to further improve the daily production activities, and achieve the 2016 annual business objectives.

In the context of the industry's continued downturn, in order to unify thinking, boost morale, and reshape the confidence of the company's production and operation team in the paper products market, Xinya Paper Group organized a full-time dinner for the company for five days from January 16 to 20. More than 2,000 employees shared a pot of wine to share the company's feelings, further consolidate and enhance employees' sense of belonging, responsibility and pride, strengthen team awareness, and lay a good foundation for the full development of the domestic paper products market in 2017.