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About us


Xinxiang Xinya Paper Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1979, is an enterprise group mainly engaged in pulp and papermaking, integrating heat and power cogeneration, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, logistics and trade, machinery manufacturing, forest base development and environmental protection. The annual papermaking capacity is 800,000 tons, and the total assets of the enterprise are 3.66 billion yuan. The scale benefit ranks first in Henan, ranking 22nd in the national pulp and paper industry. It is the leading enterprise in the papermaking industry in Henan Province, the pilot enterprise of circular economy in China, the demonstration unit of Chinese enterprise reform, and the test base of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute.

The main business of Xinya Paper: coated white cardboard, offset printing paper, writing book paper, wood pulp color double adhesive tape, Daolin paper, cup paper, electrostatic copy paper, computer type paper, corrugated paper (high strength, Puwa, refrigerator special), high-grade living paper, norfloxacin raw powder, light calcium carbonate, polyacrylamide and other products.


The company pays attention to product quality construction and brand building. The products have passed the national ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification and FSC forest certification. The group management and management processes all adopt office automation and informationization, and quality control and cost control are at the domestic leading level. . Xinya Paper Group has set up six marketing regions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan, and sells its products throughout the country through a strong sales network. “Xinya”, “New Brilliant” and “Xinbixiu” brands have won the famous products of China, the well-known brands of Henan Province and the famous trademarks of the province.

In the past few years, the Group has invested more than 400 million yuan to build a single 500 tons of alkali recovery, 135,000 cubic meters of water treatment, 10,000 cubic meters of high-concentration anaerobic, 60,000 tons of wastewater advanced treatment, and environmental protection systems such as northern wetlands. Circulating economic projects such as ton of harmless waste incinerator, 34,000 tons of light calcium carbonate and 100,000 tons of organic compound fertilizer. Not only the drainage COD index is far superior to the national and local emission standards, but also through the reuse of water, packaging paper production has achieved zero emissions.

Facing the development pattern of internationalization of paper industry, equipment modernization and market diversification, in recent years, Xinya Paper Group has carried out its product structure with the business strategy of “stable quality customers, innovative market development, and breakthroughs seeking breakthroughs”. Significant adjustments have been made to eliminate backward pulp and paper equipment and production processes to meet the needs of the high-end market and accelerate the sustainable development of enterprises.

The work policy of Xinya Paper Group is: relying on scientific progress, changing ideas, improving overall quality, accelerating the pace of expansion, and striving to develop Xinya Paper Group into an aircraft carrier of a modern enterprise. The belief of Xinya people is: What other people can do, we can do it: we can't do things that others can't do.