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The company has always adhered to the reality, innovative talent selection work mechanism, adhere to the public promotion of public technology, technical backbone, employee skills competition and other activities, and established a college mentor guidance system to improve the talent team, create a high loyalty Excellent technical team with strong sense of innovation. At the same time, we will vigorously build a learning-oriented enterprise and adopt a variety of effective methods to conduct education and training with professional ethics, job skills and business knowledge as the main content every year, and actively encourage employees to participate in academic education, professional titles, qualification examinations and other Formal continuing education continuously improves the overall quality of employees and enhances their competitiveness. In addition, the company pays attention to people-oriented, strengthens management and humane care, continuously increases investment in employee welfare, study life, cultural activities, etc., creates a good working and living environment, stabilizes the staff team's mood, and enhances employee cohesion, centripetal force, and sense of belonging. To ensure the stable development of enterprises.

Doing a good job in building a talent team and enhancing core competitiveness is an inevitable requirement for us to become stronger and stronger, and to build a century-old brand. In the future, the company will continue to insist on retaining talents, retaining talents with talents, retaining talents with talents, absorbing and cultivating more talents, and making new achievements in the construction of talent teams to achieve sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the company. Bigger contribution!